• 꽈배기Twist Bread

    Sweet and savory twist bread in memory with much of sugar sprinkle

  • 꽈배기 세트Twist Bread Combo

    Sweet and savory original twist bread combo which is made with 4 of twist bread and makes good satisfaction for money

    꽈배기 세트
  • 트위스트 팩Twist Set

    [Sweet choco + Coffee chou + Cream corn twist bread] Set that can be felt with three toppings each in one package

    트위스트 팩
  • 명랑 꽈배기Myungrang Twist Bread

    Original twist bread which has the more flavor the more you chew with the sweet sugar glaze

    명랑 꽈배기
  • 크림콘 꽈배기Cream Corn Twist Bread

    Spread cream cheese and sprinkled corn crunch on it, the softness and savory taste of corn is together with the twist bread

    크림콘 꽈배기
  • 달콤초코 꽈배기Sweet Choco Twist Bread

    Much of rich choco syrup~ Sweet and sour choco and strawberry crunch sprinkled on the twist bread

    달콤초코 꽈배기


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With the biggest goals of value implementation being ‘a world where everyone is happy’ and ‘coexisting, well-living life’ with lives and happiness of people as our first priority, we lead a new franchise culture through healthy food that suits our taste.

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